Career Relatives

relatives_3.JPG I'm pulling pictures out of nowhere at this point, however I'm working to show you that everything has relatives...including careers. That's why I told to not stress if your dream job wasn't on your "Top 25" Career Cruising list. There are these career categories called "Career Clusters". Career clusters are groups of careers that are related to each other in some way or another. This lesson is going to help you investigate a career cluster that seems to dominate your list. You may even find your dream job within that Career Cluster But first, you must log in to Career Cruising before we can take a look....

Click on Career Cruising and the following page will pop up.


Enter the following information into the Username and Password boxes.

  • Username: conestoga
  • Password: middle

Then click on the Start Career Cruising button.

Congratulations! You are now in Career Cruising and see the Career Cruising welcome screen (remember this????)


The first thing you will need to do is log in to your portfolio. To do this, go to the portfolio log in block on the left hand side of the main screen. It should look like this....


Enter your portfolio Login information which should be the same information you use to log in to the computers...

username: first name_last name
password: last 4 digits of your student number


Then click on the Gray Login Button to log in. Your portfolio screen should appear. If you can't get in please raise your hand for help.
Mr. King has all usernames and passwords and is able to guide you. Your portfolio screen should look similar to this.....


Click on the Second Blue tab on the left side of the screen that says ASSESSMENT RESULTS

and the next page will come up....


You will see after your top 10 Career List there is a category called "Career Pathways". You may have one or two different pathways you can see mine is Health and Human Services. Yours could be the same or different, or you may have more than one depending on your responses to your Matchmaker Questions.

Click on the first Career Pathway listed for you. A list similar to your Top 25 Matchmaker list will pop up. At the bottom of the list, there is a Blue Tab that says "View All Careers In This Pathway" Click on it

Your next screen will show you all careers listed in this pathway in alphabetical order. Take some time to scroll through the careers and see if your "Dream Job" is there. If it is, click on it. If not, click on a career that interests you (this could be a career that has shown up on your Top 25 list).

Take some time reading through the information found within the Blue tabs to the left.


Using the information found within, answer the following questions....

Career Pathways
Once you have answered the questions, please take some time to save the career you are investigating by remembering to click on the gray Save to My PortfolioTab so that this career is saved for you in your portfolio to refer back to at a later time. You are welcome (and required to) save at least 5 careers to your portfolio. Now, as you go through careers in your pathway, would be a fabulous time to add those needed 5 careers to your portfolio.
I'm hoping by now your "dream job" and its connections to your interests is now making sense. However, you may still be wondering how it connects to you or doesn't connect. There is a strong link between our skills (what we can and enjoy doing) and our interests. For instance, if you really enjoy completing labs in science and crunching the lab data, you will find that science related careers would show up on your list. So, in Lesson 6, we will take a look at your skills and how they connect to your career selection.