My SkillsYou Got Mad Skillz!

Welcome back! Now that we've taken a look at your career options (ones that not only meet your interests, but also meet your values), we are going to take a look at how your skills match those careers you may have an interest in. This will give you three pieces of information to help you plan for your future career. One, you'll be able to see how the skills you currently have match to your career list. Two, you will see if those skills are a good match to your interest careers. And finally, you will be able to see what skills you need to develop in order to be great at a career that interest you. So, let's get started!

Click on Career Cruising and the following page will pop up.


Enter the following information into the Username and Password boxes.


  • Username: conestoga
  • Password: middle

Then click on the Start Career Cruising button.

Congratulations! You are now in Career Cruising and see the Career Cruising welcome screen (remember this????)


The first thing you will need to do is log in to your portfolio. To do this, go to the portfolio log in block on the left hand side of the main screen. It should look like this....


Enter your portfolio Login information which should be the same information you use to log in to the computers...

username: first name_last name
password: last 4 digits of your student number


Then click on the Gray Login Button to log in. Your portfolio screen should appear. If you can't get in please raise your hand for help.
Mr. King has all usernames and passwords and is able to guide you. Your portfolio screen should look similar to this.....


From your Portfolio Homepage, Click on the second Blue Tab to the left that says Assessment Results.


Your Matchmaker results should appear and look similar to this screen below.

INsert screen shot of assessment results page

Click on the on the gray tab at the bottom that says "Go To Career Matchmaker"The next screen that appears should look something similar to this screen below.

Insert screen shot of Matchmaker results page

On the right hand side there is a section that says "My Skills". Click on The Skills Tab and complete the "my Skills" Assessment. Please rank then honestly,

When you have finished, you will get a screen that looks something like the one below.


The "grades" match how well your skills match those required for that career. So, for any career on your list that has an "A" beside it, your skills match those required for that career extremely well. For those with and "B" or "C" beside them, you may have some of the skills required, but may need to wok on some. And for those with a "D" or "F" beside them you have few of the skills required and may need to develop many of them before even considering this career.

You may notice that a career you are really interested in may not match your skills well. Fear Not! If you click on the career, the first page that appears is an explanation of the Matchmaker answers and Skills answers you gave, similar to the screen below.


Focus on the Skills that are highlighted as saying "I have some skill" and "I don't have this skill" like those highlighted below..


These skills are those that you need to focus on improving if you are indeed wanting to take a serious look at this career. Now, take some time and look through your lists. Click My Skills and answer the questions relating to this lesson.

The next hop we will take is actually meeting people who are involved in our career day at school. Take this seriously and respectfully as these people are volunteering their time to talk to you about their careers. Enjoy the day!