monk.JPGWelcome to Career Cruising!

Career Cruising is an exciting database introducing you to careers, interests, and activities to help guide you to making the right course selections for you throughout Middle School and High School and ultimately the right career decision in adulthood. The following lesson will help you focus on getting set up within Career Cruising and creating a portfolio which will follow you into High School and beyond.

Rules for the Career Wiki.

  1. Unit pages may not be edited by students..
  2. Links to other sites, wikis, articles etc. may be included in an edit if it is deemed useful in understanding the topic.
  3. Pictures and videos may be added to the Wiki only if they are appropriate to the topic of the page..
  4. Anyone who does not follow these rules may lose their Wiki and computer priviledges as well as suffer other more severe consequences as determined by Mrs. Gabryluk, Mr. King, and/or the school.

Let's Begin!

We need to begin our adventure into Career Cruising
by first learning to log-in and set up a portfolio.
Click on Career Cruising and the following page will pop up.


Enter the following information into the Username and Password boxes.
  • Username: conestoga
  • Password: middle

Then click on the Start Career Cruising button.

Congratulations! You are now in Career Cruising and see the Career Cruising welcome screen.


The next thing you need to do before starting anything within Career Cruising is create your own portfolio. To do this:

1. In the Porfolio Login Screen click on Create a New Portfolio


2. Click on Create a New Portfolio and the following screen will appear.


3. Fill in the First Name, Last Name, Grade, and Gender boxes. Portfolio User name should be first name_last name. Portfolio Password should be the last 4 digits of your student number. Re-enter the password and then click on the gray tab Create Portfolio


4. You now have a portfolio page that looks like this! A small box will pop up asking you to enter your e-mail address. You may enter it, however if you don't want to, simply click on the Red X in the upper right hand corner of the pop up to make it disappear.


5. Your page will finally look like this......welcoming you to your own personal career portfolio that will follow you through graduation!


Take some time to click on the various Blue Tabs on the left hand side. We will be gathering quite a bit of information throughout the next year and storing it right here. When you are done being curious move on to Lesson 2: Career Matchmaker!!!!