Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match!

No, this is not a lesson on dating! The following steps will help you to figure out what careers match your interests and abilities. You will also be able to save this to your portfolio that you created the last time we were together. So let's get started logging in to Career Cruising.
Click on Career Cruising and the following page will pop up.


Enter the following information into the Username and Password boxes.

  • Username: conestoga
  • Password: middle

Then click on the Start Career Cruising button.

Congratulations! You are now in Career Cruising and see the Career Cruising welcome screen (remember this????)


The first thing you will need to do is log in to your portfolio. To do this, go to the portfolio log in block on the left hand side of the main screen. It should look like this....


Enter your portfolio Login information which should be the same information you use to log in to the computers...

username: first name_last name
password: last 4 digits of your student number


Then click on the Gray Login Button to log in. Your portfolio screen should appear. If you can't get in please raise your hand for help.
Mr. King has all usernames and passwords and is able to guide you. Your portfolio screen should look similar to this.....


Once in to your portfolio, click on the second purple tab at the top of your portfolio screen that says Matchmaker.

The Matchmaker screen will appear and look like this.....


Enter your first name where indicated and your last name where indicated, then click on the Blue "Start Now" Button. The following screen will appear.....


Please read this before you move on...

You will need to answer 39 questions, clicking on a smiley face indicating your feelings about each question. DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON when going through these questions if you decide to change your answers. You should answer these as honestly as you can and as quickly as you can. Try to stay away from clicking on the little Yellow "Does Not Matter" smiley. Using the yellow smiley will give you incorrect results. you can click the Blue "Start" button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The following screen will come up.

STOP here and read this before your choose!

The first question asks if you would like a career working with children. If you need to know more about what that means, click on the "?" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can do this with any of the questions and you would get a drop down that looks like this...


Once you understand what it's asking, choose your answer and Matchmaker will move you on to the next question. You may use the "?" for each question, for only some of the questions, or maybe not at all. Please make sure you understand what the question is asking before you choose an answer. If you don't understand it, even after you've read through the "?" explanation, feel free to ask for help from the teacher in the room.

Once you have finished all 39 questions, your results will pop up and look something like this....

Before you begin looking at what careers are on your list, Click the Gray "Save to My Portfolio" Button so that your results are saved and you don't have to take Matchmaker again! Once saved a box will pop up saying they are "ok" and your portfolio screen will pop up.

To get back to your results......

Click on the Second Blue tab on the left side of the screen that says


and the next page will come up....


If you click at the Gray "Go To Career Matchmaker" button at the bottom left, you will return to your original list. Take some time to click through careers you are interested in to find out more about them. While doing this, save any careers you are interested in to your portfolio by clicking on the gray "Save to My Portfolio" tab on the left hand side of any career screen.
Now I want you to answer some questions about 1 of your top 5 careers on you list. Click on this link Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match Questions

Next time we get together, we'll take a look at how what you're doing in school now will be used when you enter the job market. You've now completed part of your portfolio and will find that next time you log in a percentage of it will be colored in. You are one step closer to completing you 7th and 8th grade career portfolio.